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I started out as a regional Statutory & Trust Funding Officer with the British Deaf Association in 2004. After completing my MA, including qualitative and quantitative research methods, I headed to Africa with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) to assist in managing a disability research project across all five provinces of Rwanda.

I travelled quite extensively, including time in Sierra Leone and Uganda. Before leaving the continent two years later, I had helped to bring about the publication of the first Sign Language Dictionary in the country, trained a Board of Trustees, two Fundraising Officers, sat on a DFID-funded small grants body, helped to found a local NGO for single parents, and lobbied ministries on topics such as access to education and welfare system development.

I'd also undertaken my first independent advisory role, inputting into the logframes of FENAPH's inaugural three-year strategy. I developed a real taste for the 'science of better' in voluntary sector management. On returning to the UK I joined the Operational Research Society and turned full-time Consultant. Since then I've crunched data for EU reports into sustainable tourism (pretty graphs), developed Armenia's first National Policy & Advocacy Strategy for Disability, mentored other consultants, and helped more than a few charities to get off the ground.

I love the Voluntary Sector, from small grassroots organisations to international NGOs, and I'm lucky that my skills transfer across a wide range of sectors. So far I've worked with charities and social enterprises serving children's cancer, ecology, women, internally displaced people and refugees, elderly people, disabled people, prisoners, local sports communities, international development, and the arts. There's never a dull day.


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Proud to be working in partnership with OurCommunities Australia on Policy & Proceedure delivery.

Selected UK clients include: 



Selected international clients include:

  • Animal Spay and Neuter International
  • Armenian National Disability Coalition
  • AVSI Rwanda
  • Educat
  • Rwandan National Federation of People with Disabilities (FENAPH)
  • Burundian National Association of the Deaf
  • Tabara Africa, Single Parents Network
  • Kivu Writers, Rwanda
  • Go Gahna
  • Samaritan Action for the Children (SACH)

Consultant with eleven years' experience of working with NGOs and governing bodies in the UK, Africa and Eastern Europe.

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